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Mon May 19 16:48:56 PDT 2008

From: QSHIPQ at aol.comDate: Mon, 19 May 2008 12:30:42 -0400

As I read these threads after a weekend dash to NYC for Pizzo's wedding, a marvelous coupe GT ride, CIS and all, thumbs up from a few new audi drivers....  To come back to all this is same old....  Mike, I wasn't the only one (even on this list) that knew about the blow out sale at Audi Ag.  I venture it wasn't broadcast here, because some folks in the know might be selfish?  
Then I guess I have to thank you all equally for spreading the word.  Your benificence was touching, or it would have been.
The very words below, supports my thinking that it's possible this list might have lost touch with more than reality.
I don't follow but I assume you mean these are your words?
I am at total disbelief at the attitude here, sorry to be the messenger?  It's not Audi's job to inform you of the parts blowout, it's your passion that dictates that knowlege.  
Given the state of the world,the economy and gas prices, it's the lists attitude that leaves you in total disbelief?  Get some perspective, as will we.
I never said it was Audis job to keep me informed of a parts blow out.  It has become increasingly clear that their job is to sell the very next car as fast as possible and move on to the next one with as little thought and exposure to the last customer as humanly possible.  But I had thought there may have been more to long time ownership, loyalty and club membership than trying to be sold the newest last greatest and most expensive of everything Audi has to offer. (Which unfortunately for them, after 20 years of brans association, I can now afford but wouldn't really consider for many reasons)
I am left to be disappointed that my "passion" was not to the level of others in the know despite my direct support of the Marque & model for the better part of the last 2 decades and that probably 20-25% of the US versions left have parts on them that I have helped supply.
Don't expect any help from Audi here, any help from ACNA, or any help by your registered ownership.  I've had q's since 91, several urq's in my name over the last 15, and don't think for a minute it means a darn thing in regard to passion.
I don't follow, your ownership didn't mean a darn thing in regards to passion, yet you knew about the Audi yard sale?
What I've been advocating in my posts (maybe better worded by M Dawson) is that the reality of what Audi did is a given.  The 5 minutes to bitch and lament is gone, and I see no words here in the last year posted that would motivate Audi to even consider a reversal to our good fortune.  
Since they could care less, I'd like to see them sell the license to any off shore MFGr and let us get some parts, Even GM did that with old Vette tooling years ago.  To not even consider this is the real upshot for me, not that they made a business decision that was good for them and not for us, I see that every day.
I feel I'm an urq enthusiast with an extensive resume in all aspects of that enthusiasm.  I could care less what Audi chooses to do with parts support.  
Well that is just dumb, your saying if Audi made all parts avail tomorrow, your indifferent.  Ok, maybe not dumb a far as your concerned because magically you 
apperently have all the parts you need at your finger tips.  For me it would make a difference and I'm guessing for others as well.
I have been actively rooting outside the dealership NLA crap for years.  The fact the last year it's recently been an epiphany here on this list doesn't surprise me anymore.
I don't think there are any mass epiphanies going on, just a culmination of frustrations and not even a sympathetic ear from the fatherland.  Given so many cross over parts on the UrQ it is just tough to see so many NLAs  especially as so many other German brands are very supportive to their torchbearing diehgard fans.
Audi is out of urq parts support?  So what?  
If you can't be a little more supportive then I guess I'll be the one to tell you that this statement equates to you giving the big one finger salute to everyone outside of the Audi Musuem who owns an UrQ. Sweet. 
If that's something new to anyone here, you must not have needed many parts.  The reality is, this is going to get a lot more expensive as time moves forward.  And the reality is, Audi owns every right to the trademark and the heritage.  I love seeing the rally footage and the homage to the urq in new ads.  As I've presented prose that Audi has ventured far from their roots in the latest generations of quattros, these visions remind me that not all has been lost in the last 25.  
The days of convenient urq parts are gone.  We can bitch about it...  or start to advocate, plan and face many of the realities that this is a challenge that has been met by hundreds of other collectors before us.
 Scott J
 I'd be surprised if the "so what" crowd were advocating types.  If that changes anytime soon let me know and I'll be happy to reconsider. 


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