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Tue May 20 14:37:22 PDT 2008

Been quite a while since I had trademark/copywright business law...   IMO, 
what makes a violation, isn't just the name, it's the name plus the  reference.  
If you use quattro (lower case is more protected than upper  case IMO, but I 
bet both) *and* reference one of Audis machines in pic or print,  you are up 
for exposure.  You reference quattro and have a picture of a  bassett hound 
pulling a crosscountry skier, no violation.  
Don't think for a minute 'they can't', they can, they do, and it's only  
money.  _quattro at coimbra_ (mailto:quattro at coimbra)  was  preemptive, 
audiquattroparts and audiconnection were real recent chases of the  trademark violations.
F-U sounds really macho, till Audi climbs in your back pocket and starts  
taking everything you have, including the q's you once owned.  I say best  to not 
stir the nest boys.
my .02
Scott J
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quattrodude at comcast.net writes:

Well I  also think QuattroPro software was out long before the Audi 
was...maybe they  need to go back and revisit haa haa...

I was thinking of making my site  more like a spreadsheet, so people could 
enter their own VIN and any info and  pictures so others can do quick view 
etc...but i'm a long ways off on having  time. (assuming Audi does not come along? 
and i dont think urquattro is copy  righted????)

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> I would think  that possibly Quattro could be copyrighted, but not quattro. 
>  I wonder if Looney Toons will try to make me change my last name? 
> Mike Sylvester 
> www.urq20v.com 


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