[urq] Group B for sale, not revolting

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As cool as Jim B's A2 replica is - and I think it is _very_ cool - maybe I'm
missing something but how is his more historically accurate to the specs -
his car is 20V - and were A2s not 10V?   

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A couple of problems.  Looking at the car, it's not very accurate, to either
A1 or A2 specifications.  The History isn't really that accurate, and a lot
of privateer cars got many of the cool toys, but not much of the value
(parts worth more than the car).  Jim B I'm sure has found this out, and his
looks more historically accurate to the specifications of that era.
That said, I'd bet this one fetches more than it's worth...  Then you have
the problem of bringing it here to the States.  Complete cars aren't easy,
especially one's that have no MSO, 17digit VIN, and wouldn't pass EPA or
DOT.  Add in the bond you post to Customs, and the paperwork required, I see
no reason to even attempt it myself.  When our Rally driver brought in the
Group A S2 rally car, the bond was over 60k, they held it for 4 months, and
he had daily calls to Customs.  Then, when all is said and done, to put it
on the street, you need a dealer plate and dealer insurance.  
For that kind of jake, you could take the next 15 urq's up for sale and have
a rally car with complete spare cars.
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C'mon Bob. We _really_ need that car (both of yours actually) to be here in

C'mon Dave. We _really_ need you buy that car and get it here by August!!

I'm not the group cheerleader but we need you guys. We're counting on you!
The group is counting on you! The world is counting on you!
I'm thinking there has to be a way to make this happen. Hell SJ you could do
it. 1600 miles over the weekend for a wedding! Piece of cake right?
Sheet metal interior, racing suspension and exhaust, no AC in August, no
radio. So what. Where's that rally spirit?
Can you say "Vanishing Point"? 

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