[urq] URQ25 North America - raising hands

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed May 21 08:32:42 PDT 2008

This is prompted by Steve B's post about the Western folks - 

I'd like to see a "raising of the hands" from everybody who plans to come -
and what you'll be driving - maybe even put your "% likelihood of attending"
or something.  Better yet - We'd like to see you (everybody)_
get_registered_!  We're already spending money - it's like we're planning a
damn wedding!!

Okay I raise my hand - I'm registered - '84 urq 20Vt


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I thought I'd post to see how many folks from the West Coast were planning
to drive to URQ25?  Specifically I'm wondering if any of the multitude of
cars in the area around the San Francisco Bay area were at least considering
the trek, but it might also be interesting to start plans for meeting points
along the way if there are other group convoying out there.  At the Audifest
we had a small convoy ... just the two cars from the area ... 5 people in 2
"Coupes" ... that sure was fun!  MSW, you in?  

It is good to see that the meet point is west of Denver so it will be
slightly closer.  What is the elevation there ... ISTR DA222 was having some
breathing problems at the Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel ... and perhaps at Vail
too.  Of course the MC-2 should help a bit ... It is looking like I will
have some time to work on the car this weekend ... main task to swap over to
the MC-2 fuel distributor and metering plate.  I want to get it working, and
then figure out the way to plumb the fuel lines.  I think I'll get all the
brake upgrade parts together to see what I have and what I need.  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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