[urq] Typ 85 driveshaft u joint part number ?

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Thu May 22 08:12:59 PDT 2008

I have got one in a bag in the back of the 200

I will dig it out later and see if the number is still on it

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Subject: Typ 85 driveshaft u joint part number ?

Hi everyone,


We are looking for an actual part number for the u-joint of the type 85 cars
(4000Q and urQ) center driveshaft. Any supplier number will be useful; we
can interchange to our suppliers.


I did mine years ago, but the part number I bought is deeply buried in my
pile of bills, I don't even remember from which store... I've look the
archives, to no avail.


In fact, Eric bought, from my foggy remembrance, a Toyota unit from 80's
cars and trucks, but it is not wide enough while the cup's diameter is OK. 

If it does matter, Eric's 1985 urQ has a smaller diameter driveshaft than my
1983 urQ. 


Thanks in advance, 



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