[urq] RE : Typ 85 driveshaft u joint part number ?

brady zq bradyzq at hotmail.com
Fri May 23 13:43:00 PDT 2008

We found it!

Louis-Alain found a dimensional match in the NEAPCO catalog.

The correct dimensions for the propshaft u-joint are
cap diameter 26mm (1.024") and
outer cap-to-cap length 70mm (2.756")

Due to the shape of the yokes and the original design, outside circlips are needed as inner ones would be very hard to fit.

The correct NEAPCO u-joint part number for a type 85 propshaft u-joint is 2-0382.

It cross-references to 
Precision u-joint part number 408 (NOT 448, as was mentioned in an ooooold post someone had saved), and
Suzuki part numbers 27200-53830 or 27200-66810 or 27200-83820.

It is from all sorts of Suzuki Vitara, Grand Vitara, XL7, etc.

If the parts counter droid insists that you tell him what car it's for, the easiest one to ask for is the driveshaft u-joint on an 02-06 Suzuki XL7. It applies to 2WD and 4WD since it seems there is only one u-joint on those driveshafts, and it's at the front (right behind the transfer case or tranny) of the propshaft.

The new u-joint is not yet installed, but I measured it and it is identical to the ancient (probably original) Lobro one on Eric's 85 urq. The part came boxed as Precision part number 408, and more importantly, was in my hands an hour after a call to the FLAPS.

The only difference is that now the grease fitting is on the end of a cap, as opposed to the Lobro, which had it in the cross.


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