[urq] CIS injector testing : any interesting DIY setup ?

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Wed May 28 13:21:05 PDT 2008

Good point.  I think the tester I was describing used mineral spirits.

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Louis-Alain Richard wrote:
> While I am nearing the startup on my refurbished WX (the engine is in the
> hole, it misses only cooling and fueling) I want to test the 25 or so
> injectors I have here. I know I can install all the stuff in the car, and
> put the injectors in 5 different bottles while I push up on the air plate to
> see the pattern and volume. Is there another way of testing the injectors,
> while in situ or on the bench ? I have plenty of braided hoses, 2 metering
> heads, 2 fuel pumps, etc.

I've never done it, but it seems fairly straightforward - all you need
is a pressureizable reservoir (that can be gently/carefully
*de*pressurized!), a pressure gauge, and a valve, plumbed to an injector

A clamp to hold the injectors so they are easy to see would be a good
idea, too.

You might even want to take pictures of each spray pattern as you go so
choosing is easy when you're done.

Work outdoors, of course, and...

> Very interesting setup... What liquid do you use ? Paint solvent is what I
> have on my mind, being non-explosive, or less explosive than fuel.

...I was going to say, whatever you do, don't use gasoline.  Kerosene is
a lot safer.

Having not experimented with blowing myself up with paint solvent (in
recent memory), I'm not sure I'd recommend it.  I've started fires with
both kero and gas recently (!) - gas doesn't burn, its vapors explode
though.  Not very good to be around.  Kero is basically lamp oil, the
vapors aren't such a problem, and the liquid burns in a nice predictable
way.  Kerosene is reasonably harmless to play with, and probably enough
"like" gasoline in its liquid properties to function properly.

Wear eye, face and hand protection, and a carbon filter mask thing if
you've got one.

Huw Powell


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