[urq] Drive your car

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Nov 4 08:54:42 PST 2008

Well today I drove my S4 into work. First day in two weeks.  Hadn't driven
the S4 at all.  Fall is such a great time to be driving the urq - the turbo
loves the cool crisp mornings and day time temps are perfect for windows
On a similar note - I put some gas in the urq a few days ago - when the pump
read $2.82/gallon I was confused.  A week prior it had been $3.17 and I was
still used to $4 in my head.  Then when I put the nozzle back after pumping
my gas - the price went down to $2.72!  (this is premium at Shell).  Now I
will go back to getting in the boost a lot more - woot woot.
Go drive your cars.
'84 ur
PS - drive report on the Dunlop Sport 9000 225 15 ZR15s I got on closeout
from TireRack.  Great so far.  No complaints at all - don't seem loud, good
road holding.  Have not had them in rain.  They will not see snow of course
- that's what the Nokians are for...Anyway great summer tire for $81/each.

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