[urq] Need some help with my fuel flow issue

Eric Harten audi90sq at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 19 18:48:38 PDT 2008

OK, I need some help with an apparent fuel flow issue.  After my  
recent move (car sat for two months), the UrQ started running lean  
under boost.  I tried adjusting the 034 to add more fuel, but I seem  
to be hitting a wall.  AFRs start off good and then lean out to 15s  
under full boost.  The AFRs ran around 11 under 20psi of boost before  
the move, so I know the system is sized correctly.  I have noticed  
that my fuel pressure drops 10-15 psi when the car starts to lean  
out.  I just replaced both fuel filters and the 034 high flow Bosch  
fuel pump is only 2 years old.  It does seem a bit noisy though.  The  
FPR is manifold referenced and seems to be working fine, but I am not  
sure how to test it.  Is there a screen in the tank that I could have  
missed?  What could be causing my fuel pressured drop under boost?   

Eric Harten

1983 UrQ (034)

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