[urq] urq wastegate supports on tranny, evil audi joke?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Oct 21 10:28:56 PDT 2008

It seems a lot (most?) cars are missing these brackets by now.  Personally,
my car had them and when I did some work where I could have left them off, I
did re-install them.  They will certainly not cause any harm to your exh.
manifold (EM), but leaving them off increases your risk the way I see it.
EM's and heads aren't getting any easier to come by - so I would do anything
to help preserve what you do have.  I do recall them being a little bit of a
PITA but not too bad.  

The WX is not the smoothest engine - so by "vibrate a lil" not sure what you
mean.  I would suggest changing all subframe bushings, engine and tranny
mounts before swapping a motor due to vibration.  

I heard PPG made some windshields - but seals are still NLA AFAIK.  Be
careful with your glass/seals. 

Welcome to urq ownership - lots of work but also very rewarding.

'84 urquattro

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Hi new urq owner posting here. I just recently acquired an 1983 urq imported
from Ct Usa to Canada it requires inspection and needs body work. The clutch
won't move i even broke  the clutch master's rod while jerking the car in
1st, i'll be removing the tranny today and find out what's going on. Anyways
on my way there i found some supports connected to the tranny and the
wastegate. I had no trouble removing the top one but the bottom one was a
rough one.I have no torches. The nuts really din't want to give at all.
Anyways i was wondering has anyone run without the supports there? I'll
probly be swapping the engine in a few months since it seems to vibrate a
lil, could be a few reasons... So wondering if it will put too much stress
on the exhaust manifold from all the movement. I ask since under it's a
flexi so maybe it's to prevent mani cracking? It's been already majorly
rewelded tho. Right now im also sitting on 3 broken subframe bolts one was
broken when i bought the car. I think it had a rough time since the rear
bumper has twisted inward.

I also will be redoing my own body work on the car anyone one know where i
can find good window rubbers 4 really cheap? I'd like to remove the glass to
make a nice job.

Thanx for your help.

Btw I can't beleive how bad the wiring is on that car. Did the designer get
paid by the foot * number of connections or something? Not sure at this
point if i should keep it original and just shrinkwrap the bad connections
or redo the whole damn thing. 


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