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I have to admit after seeing these go for in excess of $100 I pretty much stole this one...  I think the total cost with $13 shipping was still sub-$20   Patience is a virtue I guess  ;o]

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 Congrats Sean!

The best part of owning one, is the desire to have another to race...  I regularly race my 3 against my daughters, and yes, Costco gets low on batteries by the time you fill up 3 sets!  2 of mine were NIB, and my instruction manual shows that the C cell batteries (only) are rechargeable, identifying Radio Shack 273-1652A (9v) adapter/charger.  Car in OFF position, full charge is 14hours for N-C batteries.  The AA batteries cannot be charged in the car using that charge port, use external charger.

Maybe the next Urq gathering we need to explore Radio Shack and Tamiya time trials.


Scott J

2.5 Urq's 1:1 scale

3.0 Urq's 1:10 scale



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I know there are a handful of owners out there with the Radio Shack radio 

controlled UrQ.

I just got one and its in great condition.  I have a few questions about battery 


Is anyone using rechargeable batteries?  In the trunk of the car there is what 

looks like a plug to recharge the batteries, does anyone have the specs on the 

charger?  Maybe I could get a universal charger from Radio Shack and use some 

modern rechargeable batteries?

Second, do I keep it stock and run the vintage Radio Shack livery?  Or repaint 

it to mach my Helios UrQ??  ;o]

Thanks y'all


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