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Now you've got me browsing ebay and Tower Hobbies - thinking about reviving
my old car....some bearing here, tires there....


Thanks - thanks a lot!  :-)


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If i'm not mistaken Tammy re-released a couple of their more popular models
a year or so ago.....the Grashopper being one of them. I find it interesting
that Tower has it, because back in the day Tower was almost like the sole
Kyosho distributor in the USA, and wouldn't have ever stooped to carrying
Tamiya products. I guess times have changed.  I had a Blackfoot, but sold it
a long time ago. On a more wise day I decided to keep my Team Associated
RC10 buggy that I'd bought before buying the Blackfoot, and still have it.
I think having the RC10 spoiled me, and the all-plastic Tamiya truck seemed
cheap by comparison, so I sold it within just a few months of building it.  
I've overlooked that shortcoming in their version of the Audi quattro rallye
of course! That, and the fact that it's only 2WD. 


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I was recently screwing around on the Tower Hobbies website and saw they
_still_ sell the same RC dune buggy I had back in ~1986 - The Tamiya
Grasshopper (w/ "hop up" kit - ie bigger motor).  I still have it but it's
in pieces and is fairly worn out....I also had a road car - Kyosho Plazma -
that thing was rippin' fast - used to drive it tennis courts.  I recently
got the cobwebs off my RC sailboat and take it to a local park with my
almost 4yr old son - he loves it....I also have a bunch of old airplanes my
granddad built - they are prolly from the 60' and 70's - along with vintage
mustard yellow Kraft radios..

'84 urquattro 1:1 scale

Wylie Bean (via blackberry)
90 cq
91 90q20v
92 UrS4
01 allroad

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