[urq] Halloween photo shoot

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Thanks guys! I have had a lil Project Car Burnout over the last month or so.  A few guys over at the other website gave me some motivation to just go out and have a fun drive.  I have only really driven it in town since getting back from UrQ25, and driving it around town is not where it shines.  I took advantage of my first normal three day weekend in months here and did what the doctors ordered...

It's a lil' dusty, I think it will finally get its first wet-bath since, um, August?  All hail the garage queen  lol

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GREAT shots Sean!!!

I must admit if we have to drive and hold URQ26 at another location other than Colorado, I would have to agree that Vegas would work. That scenery is fantastic!!

Thanks for posting the photos!

Dennis Graber

Denver, CO


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I had been a lil bummed out on my car this past couple weeks so I took the 
advice of a few of y'all that were supporting me over at motorgeek.


Valley of Fire State Park, less than an hour outside Vegas was my destination. 
Looks like a good trip for UrQ26 maybe? 

I'm sure 100+ pics seems excessive, but again, I was just havin' a lil' fun.  I 
got to enjoy the car a bit today too on the empty roads.


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