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Thu Sep 18 21:29:12 PDT 2008

... I wanted to try to get the wheels turning under wraps for a while, but
with such a lead in I've got to follow ... 

It surprised me that with all the urqs in the Bay Area not very many of them
happened to make it out for urq25 ... DA222 included ... 

The thing I was thinking is that it is very difficult for many to make it
half way across the continent for a meeting every year.  I know it isn't
impossible, the BMW MOA motorcycle folks pick some place in the US, and not
necessarily centrally located for their annual wing ding.  What I was
thinking was that perhaps for 2009 we might want to plan multiple regional
gatherings ... perhaps organized so that people with time might even
consider going to more than one ... and then shoot for the next unified
gathering in 2010.  Any thoughts?

The thing I was going to try to organize "under wraps" was to get the urq
owners and fans in Northern California to organize and start planning a get
together out on the left coast next summer.  I was thinking that we might be
able to use the audifans ba-group list for coordination ... that would allow
even interested folks in other areas to participate if they'd like.  I
suppose there's also the "events" list on audifans which seems to be pretty
inactive too.  I have the urquattro yahoo group also ... it has places for
files, pictures and calendars ... hell, even databases and polls.  Any
thoughts on these alternatives?  I know that some of the local urq owners
out here aren't on this list, so I am planning to contact them individually.
There are so many possibilities ... 

If anyone is interested in taking part in the planning for urq26 NorCal
shoot me an e-mail and let me know your preferences on handling the
communication ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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That's great stuff!
We are finding out through the grape vine that the event has kick started
more than a few "projects" back into action if not completion. This is a
totally unplanned side effect/benefit from such an event.
I'm seriously trying to convince the "committee" that we need to start
planning Urq26, but so far have not made much progress. I will not however
be easily dissuaded. This was a great event with many benefits, and should
continue (IMHO)! Other than a lot of work there is no downside, and huge
rewards for many.

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