[urq] authenticity of door rings

Huw Powell one at humanspeakers.com
Fri Sep 19 17:45:53 PDT 2008

> I have a set of door rings (black) I bought years ago in anticipation
> of purchasing a project ur-q that I never got (the owner died
> suddenly and the family moved the car to MA from NC) (anybody know it
> ;...gobi/chocolate +/- 90K miles near Weymouth?).  I came across them
> this morning and started to wonder if they're authentic or copies.  I
> could not find much in the way of markings but I noticed little
> stickers that have "111999 03 " on them and they came with a blue
> plastic applicator and I know they're printed on 3M decal paper.
> They are the dot-fade and look real enough, but I'm no expert on how
> to tell if they are originals or a very good copy.

As I recall, several years ago someone did make a bunch of copies - 
which were probably indistinguishable from the originals.

Anyone look them up on the family album yet?  Even if nla they might be 
shown with some sort of part number.

Huw Powell



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