[urq] Rear diff BIG seal : where to buy ? and other things...

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Subject: [urq] Rear diff BIG seal : where to buy ? and other things...
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Since I don?t drive the car that much these days, it?s time to do the little
things : 1983 Audi urQuattro, stock everywhere.

- Need the large diff output shat seal : 857?525?400A. Any source, or any
one can provide one or two for me and Brady ? Last solution is going with
the old one at a specialized supplier, and find one by size.

- Time to re-do again the front strut mounts : last winter numerous ice
lapping session destroyed the left one. Are the Mance Mount Savers any good
? Other solutions ?

- Anyone has the little plastic mounting brackets for the flat euros ? They
are NLA, and not shown in the urQ section of ETKa. I found them in the Coupe
9-41, 129-10 section, item number 3. I need 4, I may end fabricating some
but I?d like a model to start with. Can I borrow one for a few weeks from
one of your spare set ?

- WRT tires : did not find any suitable 205/60VR15 tire to my 80?s looking
taste. R-compound are 230$ apiece, and would probably harden not being used,
so not a good idea. I run 15x7 Fuchs, what are the other sizes that fits a
non-rolled fender 83 ?

- Re-paint will take place during summer. I have a few rust issues, bubbling
around the sunroof being the worst (to my untrained eye). Should I get rid
of the sunroof by cut and weld a new roof panel ? Now that I know that, I
should have kept the Coupe?s roof that I dismantled a few years ago... And
the right inner fender panel, I know mine will be rusted out. Time to find
another parts car...

Thanks in advance.


As a last resort, 2Bennett rebuilt my rear diff with the housing from the
later 4000Qs to avoid the NLA large "dinner plate" seal. This requires use
of the smaller inner CVs though.

Andrew Finney
1985 UrQ

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