[urq] Firewall brace for clutch/master cyl.

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... not sure I agree Ingo ... but then I don't know.  I'll forward the
message to Jeff (the person who designed and first manufactured the part
Javad sells) for his thoughts.  

The problem which causes the firewall failures is exactly that the clutch
M/C is attached to the firewall ... as the clutch is depressed the same
force required to force the clutch open is pushing the firewall forward.
When the car is new the force is fairly light, but as the clutch wears the
force gets higher ... as does the stress on the firewall.  Over time the
bending back and forth weakens the sheet metal that the firewall is made
from and it cracks.  Audi's solution to this problem (at least on the T44
and V8) was to mount the master cylinder to the pedal mounting casting.  

Without having used either product it is a little difficult to see how they
are installed ... but they should attach to the clutch M/C mounting bolts
and the bracket the pedals are mounted to to carry the pedal force.  Funny,
I think I can visualize how the eBay part works ... I think Jeff's part may
attach to the bracketry attached to the steering column.  I suspect the
difference in price is that the 034M part is machined from billet, where the
other part appears to be stamped.  I know Jeff's part can be installed
without disconnecting the clutch pedal linkage, it looks like the other part
with require the linkage be disconnected.  

Steve Buchholz

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Two totally different parts. The ebay one is a clutch strengthening piece
and appears to be for the clutch mechanism itself -- not a firewall brace!

Ingo Rautenberg

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If you look at both pictures it's hard to believe they are build for the
same purpose, can 
anyone technically explain why they look so different? Price is also
different lol.

Subject: Re: [urq] Firewall brace for clutch/master cyl.

Subject: [urq] 034 : Firewall brace for clutch/master cyl.


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