[urq] "Burping" Cooling System?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Feb 6 09:29:51 PST 2009

Hey Steve.  I've always just released any pressure (carefully unscrewing the
reservoir cap) after the first few drives after refilling the system.  But
you've had the car running for a while, correct?  Not sure why air would
suddenly make itself known.

I think I would check the t-stat, make sure the water pump is okay, and test
the fan.

Of course what I would do and what you _should_ do may very well be two
different things!


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The other day old qtc222 started overheating on me.  I hadn't had a chance
to look at it, but yesterday I took it for a neighborhood errand . yes, I
did have a *little* fun, but cooled down the last couple miles . but the
pressure relief on the coolant cap blew a little when I shut it down.  I
spent a few minutes with it tonight . I think I've got air in the system
somewhere.  I opened the system up at the high points and routed the small
hoses intended to bleed air so that they had no dips; it isn't clear that it
made any difference . I drove around keeping the manifold pressure at 1 bar
or less.  The car normally sits nose high in the driveway, tonight I backed
it in to allow the reservoir to be the guaranteed highest point.  It seemed
that both radiators were getting hot, so I'd think there was flow, but I
don't know how to be sure that any air has been worked out.  In all my years
I have to say I've never had an issue with air in the cooling system before


I was thinking the problem might have been the thermostat, but it seems I've
got flow into the radiators, so I think I've absolved that.  I might pull
the cover just to make sure the bleed hole is oriented correctly (if it has
one).  I think I'll flush the coolant system out this weekend . the coolant
was clean before, but after the messing around I did today there's a bit of
a rusty tinge now.  


Steve B

San Jose, CA (USA)

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