[urq] Cooling System Again ...

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Fri Feb 20 08:07:30 PST 2009

Thanks to all for the suggestions!  I too was considering some sort of head
gasket problem ... just not the sort of thing I was hoping to have to do so
soon after having the engine installed.  A compression check is going to be
a lot simpler than swapping out the radiator.  Last night I pulled the spark
plugs ... all looked to be in normal condition, in fact the ground electrode
color was the best and most consistent I had seen in quite some time ... no
signs of steam cleaning or oil fouling ... but of course the compression
check will tell the tale ... 

Guess I'll need to put the V8Q Avant project on the back burner again!  :-)

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Well, it seems to me that the MC-2 is warming up too quickly.  I have
flushed the cooling system and replaced the thermostat.  Some had suggested
that the radiator was clogged . the infrared thermometer shows a fairly
consistent temperature profile.  I'm thinking that the fact the radiators
are heating tells me the water pump is working OK.  This situation seems to
have developed suddenly (I have a VDO water temp gauge in the console).  I
have a spare radiator I can install fairly quickly for a test . and I'm
thinking that I'll do that test while I am still running distilled H2O.
Other than a water pump, what problem might cause the engine to warm up so

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