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You know... In the economic forecasts I attend we hear a lot about how
Colorado will always attract residents, which helps the housing market and
employment growth, because it is such a desirable place to live...skiing,
mountain biking, hiking, etc - well this is just one more reason!


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Works great for me.  ;-)

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Sure - Is Colorado Springs, CO east enough?

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OK - but can we make it on the east coast -  somewhere just outside of
Annapolis would be fine ;-} 

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OK guys the committee on URQ26 tells me they are going to raffle off a 1983
ur quattro.  NO not a 1:18 AutoArt car - a real 1:1 scale Audi quattro.  I
_think_ it is Amazon Blue.  Your entry ticket includes a raffle coupon.

How's that for cool.  This event is going to be big.  Bigger than URQ25 (
<file://www.urq25.com> www.urq25.com).  It will not be just about the urq -
but I'm hoping for some favoritism :-)  but Audi.  The event will be
piggy-backing on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado Springs, CO.

Anyway - the entire scope of the event is from Tuesday July 14 to Sunday
July 19.  Please mark your calendars. 
More details coming as things get figured out.  Stay tuned. 
I've cross-posted to the lists I think I'm on - feel free to forward to
others (S-car, V8, etc etc - thx) 
'84 ur] 

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