[urq] I knew it couldn't last!

Quattrodude quattrodude at comcast.net
Tue Jan 6 21:12:58 PST 2009

I sooooo FEEL for you too...I was just thinking of taking my out for a
spin...but now maybe I just enjoy from the safety of my garage haa haa...

How bad is it?

Best of luck and glad you are safe and alive!

West Linn, Or

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Oh man, this is terrible ... I feel for you Dennis ... 

With DA222 "roadworthy" and the V8 not legal I've been doing the commute
with the urq myself ... and worried about this happening to me.  So, they
wrote you a ticket?  For what, following too closely?  That is so wrong ...
but unless you've got a witness you probably don't have any recourse ... 

Good luck on getting things resolved in a fair manner!

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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For the last 2 weeks I have been telling myself that now with the 3B in my
URQ I was loving it more than ever but if anything were to happen, I would
get major screwed. Crap I hate being right!!! Traveling home tonight on a
particularly malevolent stretch of 3 lane road that turns into 2 lane road
(you can see this coming can t you?), lady cuts over about 3-4 feet in front
of my bumper and immediately hits the guy that was in front of me. Guess
what happens to me?!?!?. This _plus_ the ticket _plus_ the jab in the ass by
the police contracted tow company!!!

I see this happen on this stretch of road many times with near misses. Many
drivers run up the right lane and cut in. I was not using this route much
just for this reason, but tonight all other routes were grid-locked. No
injuries for which I am _very_ thankful, but still in emotional shock!

Just _unbelievable_! 

Dennis Graber

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