[urq] That Darn Rear Valence

AF afinn1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 10:55:14 PDT 2009

So after a recent paint job the shop did not properly reattach the top edge
of the rear valence. So... it buckles upward in direct sun, returning to
normal in the shade. I know I'm missing some of the little black trim clips
(they look rectangular) that seem to attach to the "ears" under the top edge
of the valence. Two questions, are these trim clips used on another audi
model (because they are NLA from the dealer for the UrQ)? Is the correct
procedure to attach these black clips to the ears on the valence, slide
these plastic ears under the matching steel ears that are welded to the
body, and all will be well? Thanks.

Andrew Finney
1985 UrQ V8

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