[urq] It finally happened....

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Thu Jul 2 09:54:50 PDT 2009

Hey guys,

I've been enjoying a fairly well running urq all summer, and today it gave me a taste of how finicky an ur can be......for the first time all summer, she failed to start.  Starter cranks, fuel pump hums, just doesn't want to catch.  This is after it started easily this morning, drove it literally 1 mile into town, hung out with a cup of joe for about 20 minutes, get in to leave, and crank crank crank, nothin'.  So, it's sitting downtown for the time being, and hopefully it'll start later on.  If not, I'll tow it the mile home and figure it out, with the help of this wonderful list of course!

Some things to note......sometimes she would have a little difficulty staying running after a hot start....had to feather the throttle a bit, or just hold it to the floor to start it.  Then would idle out okay.  Always started first thing cold, however.  

Any thoughts much appreciated, and please use a little detail, as I have not gone down this road by myself before.....I always had the Denver contingent to help me out before.  It's a lonely existence with an ur in NW Montana!


Jim Fleischer
'83 ur
'95 s6 avant

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