[urq] Who's got the best BTDT write-up for adjusting door latches and specifically the exterior trigger?

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Thu Jul 2 11:41:09 PDT 2009

IME you're working on the wrong end of the problem ... the latch pin is in the same position whether you're using the inside or outside door release ... 

I've had good luck repairing this sort of problem by disassembling and relubing the door latch.  The latch is easiest removed with the inner door panel removed, but I've also managed to do this one with the door assembled.  The latch is held in place by two bolts, ISTR 6mm hex wrench is required.  If you have the inner door panel off, disconnect the operating rods and cables before removing the latch ... if you are doing this with the door panel in place you can release the linkages as you carefully pull the latch free of the door.  

You can see the mechanism of the latch when it is removed ... the interior and exterior latch releases are quite different.  I don't remember the details, but the exterior release has a much more complicated mechanism, and is dependent on the position of the door lock mechanism.  Actuate the exterior release mechanism with the lock in both positions to see how it is supposed to operate (i.e. manually close the latch as if the door was closed and then see what is required to release the latch).  It may be that the lock mechanism isn't travelling the full distance for unlock, and this causes the release mechanism to have insufficient range.  Once you have loosened the internal mechanisms reassemble the latch to the door and see if the problem is resolved.  

If this doesn't resolve the problem you can adjust the linkage from the door handle to the latch to bias it so that the latch will release with a normal pull on the exterior handle.  Perhaps the mechanism in the door handle is worn, but I have no BTDT there ... I hear so many complain about "team doorhandle" ... but in my 30+ years of dealing with Audi door handles I've never had to replace a single one ... 

Steve Buchholz


I decided I was sick and tired of having to push on the window frame to get enough door pressure to make the outside trigger latch do anything, so I ordered new latch-pins that screw into the body.  The originals had long ago lost any plastic and were in need of replaced.

So I replaced them last night in the 105deg cool Houston evening.  Only 90% Humidity.  As you might guess my patience did not last long...
I could only get the outside trigger latch to work with the latch-pin set in the outside-most position, resulting in the door not lining up flush with the body.

I presume there must be some internal adjustments on the actuator rods (ala: 5000/200?) that will allow me to put the pin in the correct position, but allow the exterior trigger latch to open the door.  It's worth noting the interior latch works fine no matter where I put the pin.

So what's the best adjustment procedures out there, and is this a no-beer, or drink first until relaxed kind of thing?

Rob D.

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