[urq] My Ur-Q is Failing CA Emissions

Mike Veglia msvphoto at pacbell.net
Thu Jul 2 17:00:54 PDT 2009

I've tried getting my '83 Ur-Q to pass CA emissions testing twice now, failed both times. High HC at idle. Everything else passes. The first time it failed (129 with an allowable 120 hc) I thought maybe old fuel (it was old, but did have Stabil added to it for storage). I ran a bottle of techron, ran the old fuel out of the tank and gave it some fresh fuel, setup the DC at ~42-45% (it actually was not far off but hadn't been adjusted since I bought the car and first registered it in CA six years ago now). On the second try the 2000 RPM HC had dropped (was low before) but the idle HC actually increased to 145. I have an appointment set for the smog shop to look at it in the morning, the tech seemed pretty knowledgeable about Audis and old CIS and was confident he could get it to pass. Apparently now in CA repairs must be performed by a licensed smog repair shop (they sort of scolded me for my DIY efforts). Lovely. The car only has 93k miles and is running
 excellent (the tech even mentioned how nice it is running).

Should I let these guys have a shot at it? Any ideas for things I should check?


Mike Veglia

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