[urq] My Ur-Q is Failing CA Emissions

David G daveglu at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 2 17:06:37 PDT 2009

Where available retarding timing can reduce emissions.
I'm not suggesting a temp fix, but ...  ;)
Dave G

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> I've tried getting my '83 Ur-Q to pass CA emissions testing twice now, 
> failed both times. High HC at idle. Everything else passes. The first time 
> it failed (129 with an allowable 120 hc) I thought maybe old fuel (it was 
> old, but did have Stabil added to it for storage). I ran a bottle of 
> techron, ran the old fuel out of the tank and gave it some fresh fuel, 
> setup the DC at ~42-45% (it actually was not far off but hadn't been 
> adjusted since I bought the car and first registered it in CA six years 
> ago now). On the second try the 2000 RPM HC had dropped (was low before) 
> but the idle HC actually increased to 145. I have an appointment set for 
> the smog shop to look at it in the morning, the tech seemed pretty 
> knowledgeable about Audis and old CIS and was confident he could get it to 
> pass. Apparently now in CA repairs must be performed by a licensed smog 
> repair shop (they sort of scolded me for my DIY efforts). Lovely. The car 
> only has 93k miles and is running
> excellent (the tech even mentioned how nice it is running).
> Should I let these guys have a shot at it? Any ideas for things I should 
> check?
> Mike Veglia
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