[urq] ** SOS - Stranded!! ** Ignition Problem?

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I thought about the boost leak, but I've had a bunch of those in the past and I got a real bad whistle, and it seemed to run worse under high boost, and relatively OK at part throttle--kinda opposite of this problem.  I also tried removing the dipstick and got the expected stumble.  I'll definitely check the hoses tomorrow though. 

The pump is indeed relayed under the seat.  It doesn't really feel like a fuel cutout because it comes and goes quickly, and seems worst when under lower demand. 

Thanks for the suggestions, keep 'em coming! 

Eric R. 
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Could be, but I'd look at the more obvious -- vacuum leak or tear in the intake/boost hoses.  If the tear gets big enough, it'll mess up your fueling enough to give you those same symptoms.  I take it you checked the wiring connections at the fuel pump and have it relayed? 


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So, I'm on my way to Mid-Ohio, enjoying the cooler weather and the urq... The problem started as a very occasional and brief cut of power while under partial boost (5-10 psi). It was just like a quick hiccup, then everything was fine again. Then it progressively got more frequent and pronounced. It would idle OK and seemed to smooth out under full boost, but part throttle on or off boost was bucking wildly. For a time I could downshift to 4th and run about 4200 rpm with fewer troubles, but even that eventually got bad. It got to the point that full boost wouldn't even work right, and idle would sometimes be bad, even stalled a few times. 

Here's all the stuff that didn't fix it: 
- Parked for about an hour while I had dinner--problem returned almost immediately after restart. 
- Pulled cap, it and rotor look fine, as do wires. Haven't checked the plugs yet. 
- Unplugged O2, still bucked but there seemed to be more unburnt fuel, lots of backfire pops accompanied by smoke. 
- It hasn't had any starting issues all day. 
It got so bad that it was undrivable on the interstate. I parked it and have continued on (luckily, the fair Elizabeth was following in her Mini). 

So, it doesn't seem isolated to a cylinder, so I'm thinking the coil's dying, or maybe the ignition module? Am I overlooking anything? Any BTDT or advice for me? 

What are my chances of scoring a coil on a holiday weekend? Is this coil shared with other I5s or is it special to the urq? 

I'm headed for the hotel right now and will return tomorrow morning to see what can be done. 

Thanks in advance, 
Eric R. 
'86 urq 
'92 urS 
'93 urS 
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