[urq] ** SOS - Stranded!! ** Ignition Problem?

racingiron at comcast.net racingiron at comcast.net
Fri Jul 3 06:59:25 PDT 2009

> It might be worth ducking into the local Napa, AutoZone 

> whatever to see if by chance they have an ignition 

> module and coil where you currently are. 


> What is your current location so we can help search out 

> parts and distance? 

Right now I'm in the Mini on I-71 between Mid-O and Columbus.  The urq is parked  a bit south of Columbus.  I'll hit a FLAPS or two in Columbus to see what I can find. 

I've been told that if it's an ignition problem, the tach should drop immediately to zero.  I definitely haven't seen that.  The tach has been accurately reflecting engine revs, except one time while it was stumbling at idle and I was playing with the throttle, I saw the tach jump to around 3500 rapidly then back down (engine stayed around idle). 

Thanks for all the tips guys.  I'll keep everyone updated on my progress here. 

Eric R. 
'86 urq 
'92 urS 
'93 urS

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