[urq] My Ur-Q is Failing CA Emissions

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Fri Jul 3 12:25:40 PDT 2009

Mr Cook does it again!

Glad to hear she passed.
This is how Craig got my old '85 (with WR, no cat and Schrick cam) to pass.
It was touch and go but with just under 1200rpm idle she passed as well.

Martin Pajak


1982 Audi Ur-quattro, SQ project
1983 Audi 80 quattro, Euro 2-Tür
1986 Audi 4000cs quattro, 2,5 TDI mit 6 gang
1987 Audi 4000s quattro, wintervagen mit 7A und 5 bolt :)

> Mike Veglia
> Passed today! Thank you Craig!
> I went to a place that is "pass or don't pay" this morning after a good
> warm up. I told the tech the suggestion of raising the idle. He raised the
> idle to just under 1000 RPM and ran a pre-test. The HC dropped to around
> 85 so he went ahead with the test and the car passed easily.
> Good for two more years and an educational experience. I also think I
> found a new smog tech to help with our aging fleet in the future.
> Mike Veglia
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