[urq] Coil update for anyone interested

racingiron at comcast.net racingiron at comcast.net
Fri Jul 3 19:32:10 PDT 2009

I made it all the way back to Mid-O with no problems whatsoever.  I'm still stunned that my original instinct about the cause turned out to be correct.  Half a day of work and nine hours of driving with no A/C had me in bad shape last night.   On my way to the track tonight  after a stop at the hotel, the car just completely died while rolling through Lexington.  Playing with the throttle while coasting to a stop gave me only one reward--a tremendous backfire that would make Winchester proud,  right outside the fire station.  My suspicions were confirmed when I found that the coil->distributor wire had fallen off the coil.  With no center post, that thing is just held in with outward spring pressure.  Quick work with a wire tie should hold it.  We'll see what the Fred Baker dealership mechs say at tech inspection tomorrow...  I'm guessing they won't even notice because they'll be too busy staring in horror at the CIS mess they've never seen before.  Even with all the proper plastic guides, those braided fuel lines are a rat's nest compared to what they're used to.   Someone pointed out to me the head wrench doing tech, and I think my urq was birthed before he was.  If they ask me about the coil,  I'll distract them with talk about setting the ignition points with the celophane from a pack of cigarettes, and maybe throw in something about the carb floats . 

A big thanks for all those who helped talk me down off the ledge. 

Eric R. 
'86 urq 
'92 urS 
'93 urS 

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