[urq] Is the UPG official in any way?

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Mon Jul 6 09:59:03 PDT 2009


I do not want to speak for the entire group because there were some
differing of opinions amongst the group on how to proceed so I will try to
stick to "just the facts, mam".  Please note that I or the organization that
I have formulated have no affilitation with AUDI NA or AUDI AG.
As everyone may or may not know; there were some issues with RMAC that have
yet to be addressed by ACNA. There was local event held by RMAC in 2004
where money raised ($6,000+) was to be donated to the new track in Colorado;
High Plains Raceway. Last year, several people who donated both cars and
monies to that effort requested both RMAC and ACNA to account for the monies
and either forward them to High Plains Raceway or refund to each of the
original doners. To date; neither one of those options have been traversed.
As a direct result of this issue; we/I did not feel comfortable to bring
RMAC into the planning and implementation of URQ.25 last August although we
did ask of ACNA recognise URQ REGISTRY as a chapter so that we could use
their insurance at the track. We were continually stalled in that venture
and finally in May of this year were officially denied a chapter status.
That forced us to try and put the event on without the help or support of
ACNA and so we formed a non-profit organization recognized in the state of
Colorado named URQ REGISTRY dba URQ25. That entity is still recognized and
trademarked in the State of Colorado. I think it is important to note here
that in an effort to keep any further politics out of the event; it was
decided that *anyone* was welcome to attend.....................Our mantra
was/is *".......it's about the car*".  Also; it was only through the devoted
time and dedication of the core group of enthusiast that the event was
pulled off. (ACNA kept stalling us on the insurance for the track and we
finally procured it on our own the day before the event started. )   In the
winter of 2008; I personally requested that ACNA look into the financials of
RMAC. Although I didn't donate any money personally; I was one of the
sponsors of one of the cars RMAC used to raise the funds. The results of
this effort ended in the President of ACNA being replaced for supporting
our/my inquiry. Additionally, several board members of RMAC indicated that
they would be willing to talk to me about the disposition of the
funds. Eight months later; I am still waiting for that phone call.
So in 2009; there were a group of Audi enthusiast who were left without a
viable means to associate with others who shared their passion without the
politics and without the transparency necessary in any non-profit
organization. I therefore formed USAudiClub Inc. which again is trademarked
and Incorporated under the State of Colorado. We are formulating by-laws as
I write this but 2 imperative cornerstones are: 1. Complete transperancy and
2: No centralized control of the Club. It is a grass roots effort
that will eventually afford each member a vote on what happens in our club
and complete transparency as to finances, voting and anything else
associated with running the club. We feel this will promote the camaraderie
and put an end to any type politics. We just put up the web page last Friday
(www.USAudiClub.com <http://www.usaudiclub.com/> ) and presently have a
twitter address for updates (USAUDICLUB).

I don't want to pull any punches here. I was looking for a low profile way
to introduce the new club and this seemed an appropriate way to do so. My
apologies in advance for the bandwith.

Peter C

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 8:32 AM, urq <urq at pacbell.net> wrote:

> I know the term has been used for a while now, and in some cases has been
> used to identify the group in articles . so I thought I'd ask if anyone has
> registered the group in any way.  It is not that I am planning to register
> it, I just wanted to make sure I was in contact with the folks who were in
> charge of anything official.
> Similarly for the Urq Registry . I know that an LLC was created for the
> event in Colorado last year . is this still an active entity?  If so, who
> is
> the owner of this entity?
> Thanks!
> Steve Buchholz
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