[urq] Engine rebuild?

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I missed the first part of this thread.
What was it doing that you pulled the head?
First glance;
1 the plugs look terrible
2 cylinder walls appear to have no cross hatch left
3 and there doesn't seem to be any of the usual cracks between valves.


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Hi and thanks everyone who replied before!

The head is finally pulled for inspection and here are the results:

Back in 1989 @ 81K km, the block was rebuild with 2x oversized pistons (79,975 
mm) (ETKA says 80 mm).
Is it still possible to machine to 3x oversize 80,50 mm WR pistons or could I 
use the non-oversized (81 mm) pistons from MB or RR (3B etc.) instead, without 
getting problems like compression etc. (i.e. 80,50 or 81 is the pretty much the 
same volume-wise)

The head is obviously ready for rebuild but the cylinderblock looks pretty OK, 
after the rebuild @ 81K it has done 313-81 = 232K km which still is pretty 

So now I'm thinking of rebuilding the head only and not the cylinders, whould 
that be bad economy concidering the mileage?

Thanks again,


1986 quattro GV
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