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I found that by wiring the illumination bits of the aux gauges into a 
dimmable circuit, you can easily dim the gauges as well.  I used a VDO 
boost gauges from Summit I think.  Standard 2 1/16th and you can choose 
from boost, boost/vacuum and different levels of boost.  They will also 
have the colored  bulb caps so you can match the dash color.  At the time 
they had black face that looked just like factory.
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Sun Jul 12 23:23:50 PDT 2009 
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The reason I'm reposting to the group I thought I'd mention that the gauge
panel had 3 gauges *and* the dash light "amplifier" ... my 83 urq doesn't
have an amplifier for the illumination, so this is a welcome development.
I'm wondering if I can get the panel to fit into the "Abt" gauge extension
panel.  Wood doesn't match anything else, but it might look good.  Anyone
who has seen the Abt panel knows that all Abt did was to hack a 3 gauge
panel that mounts in the hole that was intended for the taxi meter. 

The panel has a voltmeter and oil temp and pressure gauge which match the
graphics on the instrument cluster a little better than the VDO gauges do
(IMO).  I was hoping to have a manifold pressure gauge in the extension
panel, so I could put a factory coolant temp in the instrument cluster. 
anyone found a manifold pressure/boost gauge which has a face style that
looks like the factory gauges do?

Steve Buchholz

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If you are asking whether or not you can use the sending units on the 
with your new gauges, the answer would be no. 

What would be best would be to get the sending units from the same car the
gauges were taken from, but chances are that will not be possible.  You
should be able to purchase sending units from VDO based on the operating
range of the gauge you have. 

The sending units will screw into the same holes as the originals.  On my
urq I wanted to be able to view the light as well as the gauge, so I
retained the original sender and wiring, and added new wires for the new

You might also want to look into the possibility of fitting the sending 
in a different location.  On my urq I attached senders in the galleries at
the back of the head ... 

Steve Buchholz

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