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Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Mon Jul 13 18:27:09 PDT 2009

That 4000s gauge panel should show, if it's an OEM VDO-made-for-Audi panel,
: oil temp (150 C or 180 C), oil pressure (5 bar), and voltmeter.

Am I right ? 

For you Standard guys : 150C is 300F, and 180C is 355F. 5 bar is 72 psi. 

So, you need an oil temp sender, an oil pressure sender, and a voltage

Oil temperature sender :

0-150 C :
No longer available from Audi. It fits into the oil pump at the front of the
engine. Someone with an older version of ETKA could provide you the part
number by looking at this page (Audi Coupe, 1983, section 9, sub 19,
illustration 127-10, item 14). From there, you can find an equivalent from a
major aftermarket supplier at your favourite auto parts store. If you can
wait a week or so, I can look at the sender I have on my car, the part
number is stamped on it.
Or, you can buy a generic VDO VW Beetle 150C sender unit that fits in place
of the oil pan plug (M14 x1.5). I have also one at home, and it works with
the 150C OEM Audi gauge. Cheap and available at any VDO vending shop. 
I think this is VDO 323-055

0-180 C : 
035 919 521 or 521B. Fits in the oil pump too. This sender is already
installed on your 4kq just beside the crank pulley. Will work with a 180C

Oil pressure sender 0-5 bar : 035 919 561A for 1984 and up. 035 919 561 for
1983 and less. That's the year of the receiver car, not the donor. 

This sender looks like a small bell, is bolted on the side of the engine
block below cylinder 2 and there is two connectors on it : one marked G for
the gauge (variable resistance according to the oil pressure), one marked W
(I am not sure of the letter...) with a fixed trigger point for the dash
light. The two part numbers are for different trigger points of the later,
so if you don't mind having a non-functional dash light, either will work
with a 0-5 bar gauge. There is none on your 4kq, you must find one used or

The last one is easy : just plug the voltmeter with two wires, and it will
work. No sender needed. It takes its information from the two wires that
powers it. 

Hope this helps a bit.

1983 urQuattro with a 1982 Coupe gauge panel that works perfectly.

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Am trying to fit VDO 4000s aux gauges to 4kq. What sending units do  
I need? These are specific units for the gauges themselves rather than  
the idiot light arrangement?
Sorry for cross reference.

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