[urq] Door handle issue

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Jul 20 09:49:53 PDT 2009

I recently went to purchase a new driver door handle - Meyle - and the guy
insists it is the proper replacement - but I see two big differences from
the one in my car - so hence did not buy it and need to figure this out.
1.  no threads on the aluminum tab for the screw that goes in from the door
end.  Am I supposed to thread it?
2.  The old handle has a fitting for the rod that goes down to the latch.
The end of the rod would press/slide into a plastic piece that is actuated
by the door handle "trigger" then another little plastic piece swiveled down
and snapped in place around the rod to keep in from coming out. The new
handle just has a metal tab with a hole - but nothing to keep the rod from
coming out?  Do I need an updated rod with some sort of hook-end??  
Supposedly OE part (this was Meyle) is exact same but have not seen it....
Has anybody recently purchased and installed a new door handle?
Any BTDT greatly appreciated-
'84 ur

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