[urq] Voltage Regulator Module?

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Mon Jul 20 15:15:12 PDT 2009

If you are saying that the charging warning light never comes on, even when
starting the car, you may not need a new alternator.  Check to see if the
bulb is burned out.  The current for the alternator field is supplied
through the warning light.  Turn the ignition switch to on but don't start
the engine.  Measure the voltage at the field pin on the alternator (D+,
Blue).  If you don't see a voltage above ground at this point the alternator
field is not being energized and that is why the battery is not being

If the Alternator warning light comes on when the ignition is on and the
engine is not running, then the bulb is likely connected to the field wire
on the alternator.

Steve Buchholz

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My alternator is providing 12.3 volts when the car is running, which is a
pretty clear explanation of why my battery keeps going dead.

I notice that replacements are listed with both a 28mm and 32mm slip ring.
Does anybody know what stock on an '83 US-spec quattro should be?

My alternator light never came on, which isn't a surprise, I've been having
dash-light issues since day 1.  At least it's an easy fix.

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