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I wouldn't mess with them, I had an issue similar with my tdi, I shop vac and let them dry and they are fine, if you have a week of rain in front of you might want to think about it.  one sunny day with the widows open and you should be totally dry. You can be proud that you cleaned your carpets, if there are any stains in them hit them with some cleaner while damp, a little brushing maybe, and shop vac again.

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Hi there,

While I'm back home after a lengthy vacation, I had the horror to discover
that I rained a lot here, Montreal looks now like Scotland, and the urQ is
full of water on the passenger side ! It was parked near a hedge, and I saw
that one branch was stuck between the door and the gasket. I Shopvac it last
night, I had to empty the bucket 3 times...

Now, should I take the time to remove the carpets to let them dry out of the
car ? If I remember well, there is no felt-like material under the carpet,
only a thick tar-like stuff that can't absorb water ? Am I right ?

Is it possible to remove the carpets without destroying them in the process
? My guess is that they will be very well stuck to the floor...


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