[urq] Classic Car Club urq feature on HDTHR TV

KAMMLER1 at aol.com KAMMLER1 at aol.com
Wed Mar 4 10:13:02 PST 2009

There I am eating lunch watching an episode of the British series "Classic  
Car Club" on the HDTHR (HD Theater) channel of my Time/Warner cable  
DVR.......... and what is featured?? A gorgeous white 10V WR urquattro!
It was profiled in the shows "cheap-to-buy-classic" section that has  also 
featured other cars like the 928 Porsche, etc.. The show info is wrong, so  a 
keyword like "quattro" might not pick it up in a search.
Although it is great to see such a twin to my old car on screen, of course  
it felt like someone twisting a knife in my chest.......... ;-)
When the host got to the point of explaining how any problem in an old urq  
would quickly lead to financial collapse and a river of tears, I let out a loud 
 "Amen, brother!" lol
Anyway, look for the program and its sister shows, "Wheeler Dealers" and  
"Auto Trader". They all remind me of a TV version of the UK magazine "Classic  & 
'ex '85 WR urq
(I'm in the USA)    
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