[urq] Urq stainless exhaust idea

craigcook at rogers.com craigcook at rogers.com
Tue Mar 10 16:48:17 PDT 2009

Hi Ben ,

I'm planning on making a run of 3" stainless 304 grade systems
There will be no center box on this system. 3" over the axle is very 
tricky to get right due to clearance problems.
Final system will hopefully be in 3 pieces depending on if people want a high flow cat option  or not.
All pipes will be CNC mandrel bent,and tig welded. Also 3" stainless steel band clamps will be used.

Final pricing hasn't been worked out yet but I'm hoping to be under $1000 for the complete system,
this will include all hardware and hangers.

This system is a direct replacement for 10vt systems, with a little modifying the 20t guys should have
no problem fitting this to there cars. Future systems for the 20vt guys using the 3b downpipe will also be 
considered depending on demand.

I've attatched a few pics of my current prototype.


Craig Cook

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