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Sun Mar 29 15:29:36 PDT 2009

... after the set of P7Rs, which required replacement before they were worn
out due to the steel belts breaking, I installed a set of Goodyear
"Gatorbacks" ... 205/50-15 ... not the best riding due to the smaller than
spec size, but they wore until the tread was nearly gone ... and you could
still see the tread across the face of the tire ... on all 4.  I too rotate
tires front to back regularly ... 

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Re : the wear. 

Is it the car, or is it the Dunlops ? I have Dunlop SP5000 on it now (from
summer 2002), and wear is absolutely even on all of them. Granted, I swap
front to rear each summer. But yes, the urQ is not hard on the tires for
sure. Maybe that's one of the advantages of the four-corner McPherson set-up


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I too am looking for new gumballs ... the SP8000s are getting down ... and
they are so old I'm sure the rubber isn't performing as it should.  I
continue to be amazed by the way this car wears tires ... completely even
all the way across ... wish the other cars (and motorcycles) wore tires so

Steve B

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