[urq] Truth-in-24

Louis-Alain Richard (PLG) larichard at plguide.com
Mon Mar 30 13:43:36 PDT 2009

Well, my original thought was that Endurance is still in advance of rallying
and any single-seater racing only because they still allow any engine
configuration (4 turbo, V6, V8, v10, V12, gas or diesel, rotary, anything
can race) or displacement, drivetrain option, etc. To even the forces, they
play with fuel tank size, tire width, steel/carbon brakes, air restrictor
size, and aerodynamics appendices. But if you want, you can drive anything.
That's the beauty of that sport.

While that was also true in the beloved era of Group B racing, now rallying
is mostly a spec-racing series since Subaru left the building : all cars are
now transversal 4-turbo or 4-atmo, either FWD or AWD. So long for diversity.

Whose driveway is now filled with a rally car knock-off (my urQuattro) and a
simili-prototype, a 2009 Audi TT-S (265hp and DSG) loaner press car.

-----Message d'origine-----
Find me an R10 or R8 that will go 150mph in the desert? What what?  Paved
track vs the desert. No comparison whatsoever.   I don't see putting allroad
suspension in the R10 being the winning factor.  My vote is Rally car over
the prototypes.  Unless my world was entirely paved.which would suck.

Hayes Myers, P.Eng   

91 200 TQM 10v

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