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 Keith, I read the below pointing out possibility it isn't "all about the car" it's all about the people that own them!? And think globally, act locally?? Just this past Sunday, Audi Car Club Chicagoland held it's second Teen Clinic.? And none too soon, as my own teen shares the enthusiasm of the marque and driving Audis (87.5 CGT 5spd - minime urq).? Got her signed up, and volunteered again to be an instructor for such a worthy effort.? And as a thanks to the organizing crew, I hosted a post event gathering at my home, open to all instructors and Clinic sponsors (including Audi Dealer reps).? I planned to grill for all, but the chapter insisted it be pizza on the Club.? Fine, but fellow urq owner Nate E bought the mini-keg of excellent beer, and I supplied all munchies, including getting the beer-worthy Unique Pretzels Fedex'd in from PA.

Quattros abounded in and around my driveway.? The catalyst the car, but the bond is the people, and the selfless efforts of these folks to help my daughter improve her skills to be a better driver.? Yesterday, reading any downer-tone regarding my third quattro jump-all-in for this year alone, I can't help but think, maybe the problem really is that it's not about the car at all.? Sharing and swearing at our mistresses we call (ur)quattro is what makes any event/forum/activity all about the people.

The fact this International Event didn't happen, doesn't eclipse proactive involvement in sharing your quattro passion, and taking time out to appreciate that there are others that do to.


Scott J



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Evening all
I'm not going to get involved in any arguing over rights/wrongs of events 
surrounding the failure of the Pikes Peak event to take off. I couldn't make 
it anyway. 3000 miles of water is a poor excuse I know but......
The reason I'm writing is because in the last week I have been contacted by 
three different quattro owners, new to quattro ownership and I have been 
singing the praises of this list to them, encouraging them to sign up 
because it is such a friendly, helpful community without whom I would have 
struggeled to rebuild my quattro some years ago and now you're spoiling  it 
There haven't been exchanges like this for ages and it disappoints me to see 
it now.
Please let the sleeping dog lie and move on to more cheery things.......... 
Mmmmm.......Global Economic Crash, Swine Flu, Nukes in 
Pakistan.........perhaps you have a point....
Seriously....argue quietly and return the list to helping each other.
my 2p worth

All the best

'87 WR England

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> Sean
> I hope this gets lost in the archives....?? Let me address your posts as 
> I've read them in the last two days.? First, I've known you for over 10 
> years, and during that time considered you a friend.? During that time, I 
> have never known you in the context of an event organizer. To be honest, 
> that's a lot of years to reiterate the excuses I read in your posts here.? 
> Please tell me I'm mistaken.
> With regard to *my* involvement in this effort.? Last year I kibitzed 
> Urq25 from 1100miles away, speaking directly with several organizing 
> members at least a couple times a week.? This year, I saw the vision and 
> the potential in the 100year/Urq26/Pikes Peak effort, and forced myself in 
> when I saw the internet rumors intensifying beyond what I knew to be 
> true.? This effort was a massive bridge to be inclusive, and felt I could 
> help it be so.? Inclusive of Audi AG, inclusive of the Directors of Pikes 
> Peak, and inclusive of the people (not the car) that owned the urquattro.? 
> And don't kid yourself, all these corporate folks read forum posts too!
> My background includes Regional Sales Manager for a Phamacuetical 
> Packaging Supplier, and am well trained on how to present a professional 
> attitude and approach in a 'can do' atmosphere.? I'm also well versed in 
> Outlook Calenders putting reality to planning and execution.? Here, we had 
> the talent, the vision and the tools, but ultimately not the time, plain 
> and simple.? Such is the life of volunteers.
> That said, you should know when this 'cancel' came up for vote to the very 
> same organizers of Urq25, it was unanimous to 'cancel'.? Reread that Sean, 
> every single vote was 'cancel', each individual organizer knowing plans 
> had been made, and their passion by definition, higher than yours.?
> With regard to what you have read.? I don't believe in rumors, I believe 
> the internet can be a good tool, it can also be the H1N1 virus of a lot of 
> misinformation.? We agreed the only way to take this on at a much larger 
> scale with volunteer input, was to make specific portals for presenting 
> information.? M. Teller offered to support that quest by giving us a forum 
> on Audiworld.? I presented to our group that until we had more 'knowns', 
> the best portal was the 100year website.
> What you don't know while you, and no one else, was busy traveling?? 
> Hundreds of emails, dozens of meetings, overseas calls, documented 
> worldwide effort and exposure to our vision.? A letter you didn't read 
> from Audi AG, calls and correspondence on a level much more inclusive that 
> Urq25.? Building inclusive bridges beyond 33 Urq's having a weekend 
> together.? That also means, the informality of the internet needed to be 
> replaced with a more formal tone.? A busy guy like you however, could pick 
> up the phone and make 1 call, and learn more than what you read.? It's 
> your choice not to. ? And what you *read* by the way, was almost verbatum 
> the cancelation letter we sent to the Board of Directors of Pikes Peak 
> International.? Please feel free to sent me your edit to make it better!?
> Sean, each of your posts on the topic, refer to *you*:? Your time 
> constraints, your other commitments in life, your not being involved, your 
> taking time off, your not doing something because others are...? Puleese, 
> that defines every volunteer on the Urq25 and Urq26 Committee!?
> I piss you off?? Sean, people that have a passion that historically do 
> nothing with it, piss me off.? To sit in judgement of those that do 
> demonstrate that passion with inclusive intent, shows the irony and the 
> humor in your charges.?
> Cut the sh*t?? Drop it man, you are making a fool of yourself.
> Thanks
> Scott J
> 83 urq
> 84 Urq
> 83 urq track car
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> Obviously we both have someone here that irritates the piss out of us. 
> ?For you
> its me, for me it's Justusson.
> I'll go way out here and put it on the table. ?When I saw Scott address 
> the
> group as the Director of Marketing or whatever he called himself, FOR ME, 
> the
> event lost credibility.
> There is already discussion about something else going on out west, my 
> "else"
> term referred to more than me, not other than me.
> Go back to my initial cut-the-shit post and take the context as: ?I have 
> already
> moved on, lets put something else together.
> Sean
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