[urq] What's it really about?

Bob bob at maxboostracing.com
Tue May 5 13:10:37 PDT 2009

dear diary....  :)

Im with you on this one though, if it werent for the list(s) I would 
have moved on ages ago.

Brandon Rogers wrote:
> I'm confident I would have abandoned my car years ago were it not for this
> list - not only has it been priceless resource but maybe more important I
> have some great, true friends thanks to this list.
> Are you sure you two are in agreement???
> Brandon
> '84 ur
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>> Quattros abounded in and around my driveway.? The catalyst the car, 
>> but the bond is the people.
> Scott, I completely agree (is it the first time ;)
> I love the car, however because of it I've met some grat people including my
> best friends, Mike H and Craig C not to mention others.  I am sure they will
> agree that without each others support we would have either sold or worse,
> set our cars on fire and never looked back.  They can be frustrating once in
> a while.
> Don't think I would be here without their support/friendship.
> Cheers

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