[urq] Painless Wiring Kits

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Wed May 6 12:14:00 PDT 2009

Road car?  If possible I'd stick with the OEM harness or upgrade to a newer 85' + Harness.

On one of my "Future" project cars I have an 86' 4kq harness that I intent to put in there inn place of the old 83' harness.  Should match the newer dash, etc.   

On my Rally Car, I'm doing a total re-wire.  But other than running lights, not much remains from the OEM harness.  Oh, and blower motor.  So it makes sense to start from scratch.

I would also look at:
American Auto Wire

The latter Highway 22 system is what I was considering using.  I used a painless box once and the little screw terminals were very prone to coming loose.  This box uses a much better locking feature similar to the jaws that lock the wire into the rear of a light switch.  Push it in and it grabs.  The harder you pull out, the stronger it grabs.

Hope that helps

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> Bob,
> I think you're asking for a lot of work if you choose to do
> this.  I
> thought about rewiring my car when I did my 20v swap, and
> nearly the
> entire interior (seats, carpet, dash, rear shelf) was out
> of the car, but
> I decided to take the load out of the fuse block by
> relaying the fuel
> pump, radiator fan, headlights, etc., by running one new
> fuse block with a
> relay switched with the ignition for the 034 ecu,
> injectors, coils, aux
> gauges/wideband, etc., and by making my own engine harness
> for the 034
> IIc.  I also replaced all the suspect-looking pins on
> the fuse box
> connectors.  I've got a bag of pins, a crimper, and a
> pin extractor if you
> need to borrow them to fix some burnt fusebox pins.
> I had a cgt fuse box and complete harness, but I decided
> not to go that
> route.  I'm very happy with how the car is now, and
> the amount of work
> I've done.  Everything electrical on the car still
> works, with 90%
> original wiring.
> I'd say that unless the original harness is frayed, broken,
> etc. in
> multiple places, that I would stick with the harness that
> has wires
> already routed moderately efficiently and cut to
> length.  The only huge
> problem I see is the rats nest in the driver's footwell
> behind the fuse
> block.
> Nathan Engelbert
> 83 UrQ DA900453
> 95 S6 avant
> > Has anyone thought of using a Painless wiring kit
> on your UrQ. I'm pretty
> > sure I'm going have to totally strip my 83 down and
> thought this might be
> > a decent idea since I don't plan on running very many
> accessories.
> >
> > Please let me know what you think
> >
> > http://www.painlessperformance.com/
> >
> >
> >
> > Bob R
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