[urq] Jeremy Clarkson about the 1990 20V Quattro Turbo

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You need a 20v LA.    And as for the miata, i have one in the driveway and it doesn't outhandle my urq.  Maybe u need some hnr springs.....although a tall handsome guy like u could pick up alot guys in a miata,  i stop driving the miata after the fifth proposition.      

I would like to know what the dealer would give u on a trade for the urq let us know maybe after enough dealer take urq on tradeins they will realize tthey need to make some parts

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I drove almost all newer Audi's this year, for road tests or because I was
an instructor at the Audi winter driving Clinique last winter. The TT, even
the Mk1, is a damn nice swift quick little car. Stiffly suspended, not very
practical, but damn nice swift quick little car nonetheless. I say go for it
if you don't drive the Quattro because it overwhelms you. I don't think
you'll regret it much ; you'll probably regret the camaraderie of this list
more than the car itself... I have the same exact questioning, my two little
girls takes an indecent amount of my time, and the Quattro is a bit left in
the dark. But I'm keeping it.

But to answer really your question : you'll profoundly regret the Quattro
just because it is such a milestone for middle age men like you and me.
Let's face it : any V6 Toyota is faster, any Miata is better handling, so it
is not very rational to drive it like a madman. But alone in the car, on a
sweepy back road, at night, winter is even better, you'll still feel as if
you were going down from Ingolstatd towards Monaco, for the 1982 Monte Carlo
Rally, completing the "concentrating" long-distance leg of the rally. I am
still a dreamer...

Maurits, there is a solution : trade the Q for the TT, live with it, and if
you're not happy, we'll find you another Q. Oh, you can stay around, just to
keep the pilot flame lit...


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I was looking for an 2001 Audi 1.8 T TT Coupe (132kW) road test because I'm
seriously thinking of selling my Quattro, and come across this bit which
brings me to the following question:


Has anyone drove an 1.8 T 132kW TT coupe and what do you think of it
compared to the urquattro? How much will I regret selling my quattro?


1986 quattro GV

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