[urq] eBay 1983 Red Quattro Rally VIN# WAUDC0851DA900508

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Hi Ian, 

Welcome to the group! I've been wondering what the outcome of that auction would be. I live just down the road from Jasper in Chattanooga. I tried to contact the seller during the auction, asking to see the car, but got a terse response saying he was in Florida for several weeks. I did some scouting in the area, but didn't find the car. 

I am certainly interested in the information you have, and I'd be more than happy to provide any boots-on-the-ground support you might need. Feel free to contact me directly if desired. 

Eric R. 
'86 urq 
'92 urS 
'93 urS 

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Hello All 
I'm new to the Audifans posting process. 
I am the winner of the eBAY original 4000 mile Quattro Coupe that was in 
Jasper TN. 
I'm going to post a large amount of information on the car for all. 

I have 100 pictures, Videos, some documentation. 
I'm asking anyone who is dealing with the seller George to hold off on any 
commitments until they see this. 
It certainly might create a laugh for the group, and I don't want anyone to 
get involved until they see this. 
Please feel free to email me directly on this subject if you are involved 

I'm a 10 year numerous Audi / VW / Porsche owner with a fairly large amount 
of car experience. 


Lombard, IL 
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