[urq] Conversion Oil Pan Question

Jack Walker jack at walkerperformancegroup.com
Fri May 15 21:44:25 PDT 2009

So I'm putting an AAN into an UrQ.


Removed the AAN pan so it doesn't run into a normally positioned radiator.

Put what I was told was a 7A pan on the motor, the pan I have does not have
the extension around the oil filter.

So it's lacking in capacity from a pan with the extension..is this a big
deal? It's not like it holds quarts more oil, I can't imagine it being more
than 1/3-1/2 quart


Planning on going with a larger oil cooler, but that hasn't been totally
determined (size wise at present), which could/should replace any capacity
lacking from the side extension plus some.


But I came across what was presented as a RR motor oil pan, it was really
cheap, with the side extension #034 103 603 B is on the pan.

Will this pan work on an AAN? It appears to have pretty much the same shape
as a 7A. Uses a smaller windage tray than I remember the 7A pan appears to,
but I can't tell cause it's inside the motor all buttoned up. In a perfect
world I'd like to use this pan, and the larger oil cooler.


Any help would be appreciated.


Jack Walker

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