[urq] Engine rebuild?

Maurits Jonkergouw urquattro at moregraphics.nl
Sat May 16 06:33:41 PDT 2009

Hi guys, I'm still trying to figure out what's the exact cause of my high oil consumption (1:500 km) without removing the head. I'm thinking of selling the car and like to know what things are left to try before rebuilding the engine. (Are there any BTDT regarding motor-flush with Forte or similar products which clean the inside of the engine etc.)?

Here are the facts:

The previous owner replaced the head with an unused head prior selling the car to me in december 2001 at 236000 km.

Had no oil problems (1:3000) and changed oil (Castrol RS 10W60) and filters every 10000 km myself but the turbo went bad (power loss) and the exhaust manifold cracked one day and decided to fix it.

In nov-2006 at 300000 km the turbo was rebuild and a new Dialynx exhaust manifold was fitted amongst other things.

After 6 months I noticed the oil consumption increased dramatically from 1:900 in 2 months to 1:500-600 in 1 month and so on.

This went on and on for months adding oil every 500-600 km (at first the usual Castrol and later the cheaper Valvoline VR1).

On 2-sep-2007 I performed a simple compression-test (8.0-8.4-8.0-8.4 Bar) with a medium-warm motor and checked the turbo for leaks by doing simple rev. tests (negative).

On 8-sep-2007 I changed the Bosch W4DPO plugs and today, 14000 km later, they look like this (please sit down first): 


The Champion ad in my Haynes manual says "HEAVY DEPOSITS" >> "A build up of crusty deposits, light-grey sandy colour in appearance. Fault: Often caused by worn valve guides, excessive use of upper cylinder lubricant, or idling for long periods."

So in okt-2008 at 308700 km I decided to fix the valve-seals and while reading the above from Champion, I ask myself if the PO who changed the valve seals, could have access to the valve guides and why didn't he say anything if they are worn??

WRT the plugs: I also replaced the (original) Audi coil on 23-dec-2008 and 5700 km before I changed the Bosch plugs, with the BERU SS120 (OEM P/N 035 905 105 A) because the OE coil was NLA, but I don't think the new coil has anything to do with the current condition of the plugs.

Any ideas? Please send your reply directly to the list, otherwise your much appreciated reply will be deleted by my spam filter, thanks.

If you need more info, just ask. Thanks again.


1986 quattro GV (313000 km)

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