[urq] Engine rebuild?

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Hi Maurits,

No question it seems odd ... I would have thought it was one of the other
things like turbo seals or oil via the crankcase ventilation ... but you'd
see oil in the intake tract.  There are very few ways oil can get into the
engine, via the intake manifold, the valve guides, piston rings and head
gasket.  I guess there's one more way ... via the fuel injectors ... it is
tough to get from the oil sump to the fuel system ... but when you've got a
weird problem you don't want to dismiss anything ...

... before getting too much deeper you might want to triple check that
there's no oil getting in through the intake tract ... 

... by any chance are you overfilling the sump?

Good luck on your quest!

Steve Buchholz

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Thanks Steve.

Many months before I had the seals done, right up to the moment the seals
where done , the 
plugs always looked normal while having the same oil problem. So now it
could be possible 
the seals are not installed correctly? This would be very strange because it
was done by 
an Audi specialist... can't imagine they installed the wrong seals. Damned,
this makes 
finding the culprit even more difficult...

If the seals turn out OK after all, how likely is it for the piston rings
and/or valve 
guides wear equally much on all 5 cylinders?


1986 quattro GV

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"blow by" is combustion gasses getting into the crank case via the piston
rings.  While I tend to agree with Louis-Alain's assessment based on the
spark plugs, your check of the intake tract would tend to indicate that the
oil's not coming in through the throttle body.  Given that there aren't too
many more suspects ... valve seals and piston rings.  If the valve seals
were installed consistently wrong it might give the common spark plug
condition ...

Steve Buchholz

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Hi Mike, could you explain 'excessive blow-by' for me please? (Automotive)
english is not my native language :-)

I already checked the crank case ventilation bits on the valve cover etc.,
you mean the pipe going down from there to the bottom of the block?

Thanks again.


1986 quattro GV

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Check for excessive blow-by from the large crank case breather pipe in the
block. If you have excess blow-by you probably need to replace the piston
rings, could even be a damaged piston.

regards, Mike

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