[urq] eBay 1983 Red Quattro Rally VIN# WAUDC0851DA900508

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What a nice warm welcome from the group! Thanks!
Everyone get there popcorn out for the story of the 4k mile Audi Quattro. ;)
I'm asking everyone who is dealing with the (George) seller to wait for my
If they are dealing with the seller, they are welcome to tell him they are
waiting for the information on the car from Ian.
The deal never went down for numerous reasons, I have a cool video and about
100 high res pictures for everyone.
I might have to write it good and have it put up on Audi world or Vortex as
a feature!
So, if you know some one who was shopping the car, have them email me!

I know this is going to be a laugh for everyone involved, and yes the car is
a real car with a real VIN #.
I think the story will read as, "The Quattro Ghost in the Hot Sticks" Or "Do
Audi's Tread water" Or Audi's publication, Maintaining boost while utilizing
the snorkel option!
Hopefully everyone likes the titles!
Drop me a line!


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Hi Ian,

Welcome to the group!  I've been wondering what the outcome of that auction
would be.  I live just down the road from Jasper in Chattanooga.  I tried to
contact the seller during the auction, asking to see the car, but got a
terse response saying he was in Florida for several weeks.  I did some
scouting in the area, but didn't find the car.

I am certainly interested in the information you have, and I'd be more than
happy to provide any boots-on-the-ground support you might need.  Feel free
to contact me directly if desired.

Eric R.
'86 urq
'92 urS
'93 urS

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Hello All
    I'm new to the Audifans posting process.
I am the winner of the eBAY original 4000 mile Quattro Coupe that was in
Jasper TN.
I'm going to post a large amount of information on the car for all.
I have 100 pictures, Videos, some documentation.
I'm asking anyone who is dealing with the seller George to hold off on any
commitments until they see this.
It certainly might create a laugh for the group, and I don't want anyone to
get involved until they see this.
Please feel free to email me directly on this subject if you are involved
I'm a 10 year numerous Audi / VW / Porsche owner with a fairly large amount
of car experience.
Lombard, IL
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